Effective attention grabbers

Boxes in Pine are designed to be used as areas that draw attention, and they go great together with buttons.

They come in two types:

  • Universal
  • Wrapper
And two styles:

  • Filled
  • Outlined

Universal Boxes

Universal Boxes are 100% wide and can be used anywhere a table is allowed: above/below other tables, or inside <td> or <th> elements.

So in Pine you can use them:

  • outside wrapper tables
  • in the <td> of wrapper tables, just like a row
  • inside a column

Example: Universal Boxes


This stretches 100%, but the text stays centerd


A filled box inside a column


Wrapper Boxes

Wrapper Boxes can be used between other wrapper tables, and they can contain row tables with columns, too!

Example: Universal Boxes

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